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Visiting Mystical Place

Published / by Alfred

Singapore is a modern city-state located in Southeast Asia and is located at 137 kms north of the Equator. It lies off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. It is one of the major commercial hubs of the world and the 4th largest financial center of the world. I was looking forward to visiting this place since 2010. Finally after 4 years of an eager wait I got a chance to visit this place in 2014. I was so happy and my excitement knew no bounds. I was going to visit a new place, new people with some delicious food around – definitely exciting!

The ferry ride that I had to take:

As soon as I reached Singapore, I was told that I had to take the ferry to reach places like Johor in Malaysia and Bintan in Indonesia. On the first day I boarded the ferry from the destined terminal and since I had booked the ticket earlier over internet faced no problem in taking a ferry ride. The services were great and the rates were very much affordable. And, with it I could easily explore the Asian countries even more.

Back to Singapore with the ferry:

After the ferry ride, I came back to Singapore with the return ferry from Bintan. Before that, I went for easybook car rental kl in Malaysia. Singapore is surely a bustling metropolis in the world and the cleanest place I have ever come across. We visited the Thiang Honk Keng temple which is a historical site and a well-built and well-maintained site.  There was so much to learn from it. I noted down everything that would prove beneficial. From there we moved to the National Orchid garden which was just out of the world. The ferry took me on a small ride around the city and the roads, the subways, the skyscrapers, the houses, the shopping malls, were no less than any other tourist spots.

Getting to know the city:


After this, I decided to visit the gargantuan shopping malls that have covered almost half the area but it is much better than this hotel . The shopping malls were just amazing. The next one looked better than the former and as I moved from one mall to another I was awestruck more by their magnificent sizes than by their stocks inside. Although I did not forget shopping!! I shopped to my heart’s content till I almost ran out of cash. The next thing that I decided to do was to eat and eat till I get exhausted by the very act of eating. There were so many coffee shops offering delicious foods. I ate a lot that choosing from each shop their special food items.

It was time for me to say Goodbye to Singapore and as I was travelling back with the double amount of luggage than before I realized what a great weekend I had spent there. It is a must for those who want to explore life and want life to surprise them with exotic locales, food and shopping malls.