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Published / by Alfred

#1 Memorable Pangkor Island

It is one of the memorable places to visit for vacation. The Pangkor Island is known worldwide for its tourist attractions. It would have been a shame if I didn’t visit Pulau Pangkor in spite of living in the same country. So, I gathered my friends around and visited Pulau Pangkor during the weekends. The highways situated near Pangkor Island are usually clogged during the weekends. But, it was easy to travel from one place to another due to number of alternate highways. We booked and hired cheap car rentals in Malaysia and shared the expenses among each others. My friends took turns to drive our rental car from Batu Gajah to Pangkor Island. We reached Pangkor Island within an hour as it is located around 65 kilometers from Batu Gajah. The Modernize of Pangkor Ferry

Eventually, we hired a ferry to reach the Pangkor Island. The ferry services have modernized quite a lot as it took us only 8 minutes to reach Pangkor Island. Upon reaching Pangkor Island, we admired its beaches and resorts. We checked ourselves in Pangkor Island Beach Resort. It was one of the most expensive beach resort in Pangkor Island.

#3 Excellent Service at Pangkor Pan Pacific Resort

The services were great as it has its own private beach along with swimming pool overseeing the sea along with other services like parasailing, catamaran etc. I really enjoyed my stay over there. The food was splendid and we stayed in a luxurious accommodation. Its room expenses are quite pricy but it is really worth its money. We came to know later that the resort is originally maintained by Pan Pacific Resort which is known for its series of 5 star hotels and resorts worldwide. All my friends cherished our pleasant stay at the resort.

#4 Delicious Malaysian Food

We ate great Malaysian and International delicacies and splurged out on shopping within the resort premises. After staying and enjoying our stay within the resort, we decided to venture out and enjoy the other attractions of Pangkor Islands.

#5 Adventures at Titi Gantung

We started with jungle trekking at Titi Gantung and Teluk Segadas Hill. Though, there were no sight of any permanent trail inside the jungle but it really felt great as we went from one spot to another. We click several pictures of trees and creatures in the jungle. The jungle atmosphere was humid but we literally enjoyed trekking inside the splendid jungle of Teluk Segadas Hills. We met few locals inside the jungle as they were gathering fruits and nuts for their day to day activities. Prior evening, we exited the jungle as we didn’t want to venture the jungle in dark.

#6 Rent Motorbike

However, while roaming in the island, we came across motorbike renting for exploring the Pangkor Island. All of us drove rental motorbikes around the island. It felt really great as we poked fun at each other and stopped at nearby villages to speak with the locals. The island is filled with resorts due to its popularity as one of the premier tourist destination in the west coast of peninsular Malaysia.

#7 Feel Relief At Last

After spending a memorable evening, we came back to our resort. As one of the premier resort in Pangkor Island, we were served with apple juice upon our arrival. We were drenched with sweat as we trekked a lot and rode motorbikes. The juice really acted as a relief for us. We sat near the pool and ordered chicken sandwiches for each of us. It felt calm and quite as we ate our sandwich and enjoyed the pleasant view of the sea. The sea water gazed at us and the breeze from the sea eased us out. Overall, it was one of the most memorable vacations we ever had in our lifetime.