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Malaysia is probably the most beautiful Southeast Asian island country that offers the worldwide tourists two very typical experiences due to its location. Malaysia is separated by the South China Sea as the Peninsular Malaysia and the East Malaysia.

The peninsular landmass shares its boundary with Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam, whereas the eastern Malaysian landform shares its boundary with Brunei, Indonesia and Philippines. Millions of people across the globe come to explore this unbelievably attractive place every year.

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Malaysia Hot Spots

When a trip is smaller it must be constructive and one must visit the most popular sites, the bests of Malaysia Tourism. Everybody knows about Kuala Lumpur, but other than the capital city, the island country offers a lot more.

Best Places in Peninsular Malaysia


When the time is to explore the Peninsular Malaysia, which places would be first priority!!! Let’s have a look ––

  • Taman Negara– national park with area coverage over three Malaysian states and it is the home to a number of rare species of animals and jungle trekking as well.
  • Perhentian Islands– a small archipelago, most attractive beaches of white sand, and an unbelievably blue, willowy sea with the shades of arrogant palm trees – best for Scuba-diving, watching marine life, coral reef, and countless species of turtles and tropical fish
  • Petronas Twin Towers– world’s tallest twin buildings connected by a double-decker bridge
  • Cameron Highlands– a widespread hill station with immeasurable natural beauty and healthiest climate
  • East/Borneo Malaysia
  • Mulu Caves– amazing example of karsts and cave construction in a hilly equatorial rain forest region
  • Mount Kinabalu– the highest mountain (4,095 metres) in Borneo having an outstanding flora and fauna variety and biodiversity